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We deliver the best in class diesel products backed by our one year, unlimited mileage warranty. Our products ensure your vehicles and equipment will perform like new over the long haul. Key points of our manufacturing:

  • Fuel injectors are 100% disassembled and inspected
  • Each component is inspected for serviceability using specifications developed by the OEM and/or G2 Diesel Products engineering
  • In-house ultra precision machining of internal components
  • Replacement components are engineering-approved and include traceability information such as material/component specifications, origin and manufacturer quality control plans Common Rail
  • Meticulous attention to detail is placed on external cleaning, internal cleaning, machining and finishing
  • Each fuel injector is built with a new nozzle and control valve
  • Each fuel injector is assembled by trained, skilled technicians to ensure top quality
  • All fuel injectors are tested on industry-leading, full-scale test equipment at multiple critical pressure points
  • All data from testing is recorded and stored by means of injector serial number for quality assurance
  • Exceptional quality product backed by a proven industry leader
  • One year, unlimited mileage warranty
  • We provide the option for customer packaging
  • All product is built in an ISO 9001:2008 certified facility

The G2 Difference

A picture is worth 1,000 words

The “dirty” little secret some of our competitors don’t want you to see…

Ball Seat Surface Comparison

G2 Diesel Products valve bodies are machined using state-of-the-art equipment. This allows us to hold ultra precise overall tolerances and superior sealing surface finishes, thus increasing the durability and longevity of our injectors.

Many competitors reuse valves “as is” with current sealing surface wear. Some may attempt to regrind, but their equipment is not capable of producing the required sealing surface finishes necessary in today’s CR injectors. This will lead to compromised injector performance and increased premature injector failure.

Additional Comparisons

G2 Diesel Products uses new nozzles and valve bodies.

Many competitors reuse nozzles and valve bodies that show significant signs of wear.

In today’s marketplace, distributing injectors with substandard components and manufacturing techniques may lead to unhappy customers, decrease your bottom line and ultimately have a negative impact on your credibility.G2 Diesel Truck

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